Unveiling the Heart of the Father

Unveiling the Heart of the Father

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This is a intimate, 2-Day Event, in which your entire being will be ushered into the Presence of Your Heavenly Father by a team of anointed creatives and communicators that have set the Table for you to feast. You can expect an amazing time of worship with a Biblical and Experiential revealing of the Heart of the Father.

Your place at the Table awaits! Seating is limited to this Experience provided by your team at Living Loved!

We can't wait to watch Him do all He has planned for you!

Friday 7pm start doors open 6

Saturday 9:30am doors open at 8:45

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Unveiling the Heart of the Father
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About the Teachers

Leonard & Lesley Hays                                      

From the beginning, Leonard and Lesley have been all in for the Gospel, literally plucked out of the fire, and dropped into the awaiting arms of a loving Father. Truly, they were two of the least likely candidates for a life of ministry. After completing a MA in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College they headed for the mission field, where they spent 12 years Church Planting, raising up National leadership and ultimately planting a house of prayer in Latin America. Their ministry allowed them first hand to see the amazing saving Grace of Jesus and the Divine power manifest in the Holy Spirit.

serving the poor and oppressed, training youth leaders, church planting and for the final 3 years planting and giving leadership to the house of prayer in Cuernavaca, Mexico. They raised their 3 children on the mission field, where, as a family, they lived out an incarnational Gospel. The Lord sovereignly called them out of the field where they transitioned into life in Kansas City.

They were involved in pioneering several Departments at the International House of Prayer, where they were on full-time staff for 4 years. They traveled extensively throughout the US and the nations helping many small and large works, particularly in the areas of Prayer & Worship and were particularly moved by the convergence of missions and prayer.

In April 2011, they embarked upon anther pioneering adventure, packing up their household and moved to Vermont with 25 young people (primarily from IHOP) to live in community, run a farm, and come alongside the house of prayer in Burlington (specifically) and in general throughout New England. The time in New England has marked them with a deep love for the people of New England; longing to see the seedbed of revival to once again release the love of God into the earth.

The convergence of mission and prayer coupled with a real desire to see all of God’s creation set free have marked both Leonard and Lesley for years, what they did not expect was the simplicity of the Love of the Father so revolutionizing their entire way they do everything…for real, everything.

Since first saying yes to Jesus, they have willingly poured their lives into the nations of the earth, at times with a cost to their family. They still have the same desire to see people step into the full benefits of a relationship with Jesus, but something has shifted in their spirits that can only be explained by the "settledness" that comes from our Father pouring His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5). They still have the same desire to see the captives set free, but it has shifted, not in its urgency, but in the application of that urgency. There is a rest, as we are in the Trinity, which has not only increased their boldness, but genuine affection for all of His Kids.  He really just wants His kids to come home to the place of comfort and peace that results from living in His heart.

Lesley says it like this, “As a small child I remember sitting in our church every week praying through the Stations of the Cross. My heart’s desire was to experience everything that Jesus accomplished by becoming a man and dying for me. I felt the suffering, saw the cost and I didn’t want one ounce of His pain or blood to be wasted. I wanted everything He died to give me.  My search began at 5 years old and finally near the age of 50 I began to fully realize, fully experience the fullness of the gospel.  As I began to experience the continuous love of the Father; I knew this was the point of Jesus’ life and death. This was always the desire of the Trinity. As I experienced both His mothering and fathering love, for the first time I knew what it was to be comforted and to belong. This process of living loved has changed everything. As His love flows I am becoming more whole, more Lesley. I wake each day breathing in love. My heart’s desire is to now see the church who so loves Jesus and the Holy Spirit come into the fullness of the gospel; to realize that being in Jesus, is being in the Father’s heart. To become sons and daughters appropriate to He is.  And as we together live in the world “in son”, with the substance of His love flowing through us; truly He will be fully expressed and our brothers and sisters will see Him rightly and come Home.”

Leonard & Lesley are passionate to see the sons and daughters of God walk in the fullness of freedom, unto the transformation of: individuals, families, Churches, businesses, cities, regions and nations. A burning desire in their heart is to plant transformational communities, who's members will receive and express the Love of the Father, “as they go” influencing all areas of life.

After over 20 years of full-time ministry, Leonard and Lesley recognize what Jesus was saying when he said, "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." (John 16:33 NIV) There is a great peace as we recognize in Christ, we live in the heart of the Father, despite all that the world has to throw at us. He really has the whole world in His hands!

Leonard and Lesley are currently full-time with FatherHeart Ministries (fatherheart.net), where they travel and speak as itinerant ministers and A school leaders, sharing the Love of the Father wherever He may take them. They are learning to live each day from their heart, and to live loved!

Leonard and Lesley have been blessed with 3 amazing children, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 grandson and Hunter the lab! (he’s pretty sweet too)