Fatherheart A School

September 9, 2018-September 15, 2018

The Tabernacle

3210 Southwestern Blvd, NY 14127

Leonard and Lesley Hays will lead the School with assistance from an experienced Fatherheart Ministries Team.

The school will run from Sunday September 9, 2018 to Saturday September 15, 2018. The school day runs from approximately 9:30am until 8:30pm each day including lunch, dinner, breaks and snacks. The school will end Saturday the 15th after lunch.

This school is for those of 18 years and over. It is not appropriate for children and there will be no childcare available. Participants are expected attend all sessions.

Location: 3210 Southwestern Blvd.

Orchard Park, New York 14127

The Tabernacle

Schedule: Sunday, 9/9/18- Saturday, 9/15/18

Sessions begin with dinner on Sunday and end with lunch on Saturday.

Lunch and dinner is provided every day.

Cost: $425
Contact: Jim & Mary Emser via email at ministry@stepintofreedom.org

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'A' Schools are a one week environment of the revelation of love.

A place to come home  |  A place to find that you belong, that you are accepted  |  A place to find that His strength is perfected in your weakness  |  A place of rest

During the school you will be introduced to the full perspective of the revelation of Father's love.

Through revelatory insight and sound biblical teaching told through the lives of those that minister you will be exposed to a transforming message of Love, Life and Hope.

You will be given the opportunity to remove the main blockages to receiving Father's love and discover your heart as a true son and as a daughter.

Jesus had the heart of a son to his Father. He lived in the presence of the love of the Father. 

Johns Gospel tells us that everything that He said and did was what He saw and heard His Father doing.

Jesus invites us to enter that world as brothers and sisters of Him the first born.

As we open our hearts Father pours His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. In a heart transformed by His love, true and lasting change can occur. After years of striving and performance many are finally finding a place of rest.

When James and Denise Jordan first pioneered these schools, they found this format to be the most suitable. The basis of receiving this revelation is through the heart, and time is needed for God to remove these blockages that are keeping us from continuously experiencing His fathering towards us.